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Accurate discharge monitoring using multiple surface velocity radars

In the wake of recent heavy rainfall in Croatia and Slovenia, the river Sava, which runs through Zagreb, has overflowed its riverbed, leading to flooding in the surrounding areas between river embankments. Managing this situation presents a unique challenge due to the complex hydrological conditions involved. Accurately measuring water flow becomes an intricate task, as there is a substantial difference in water speed between the original riverbed and the flooded areas. Moreover, the flooding zones are often concealed by dense vegetation and various obstacles, and the water's velocity remains highly unpredictable, making it nearly impossible to create an accurate model for this scenario.

The perfect solution to address these challenges lies in Geolux radar flowmeters, offering a unique cutting-edge approach. They integrate multiple RSS-2-300W radar surface velocity sensors strategically placed across the river, encompassing flooding zones, alongside single or multiple LX80 radar level meters. This innovative setup together with the integrated hydraulic model enables precise water velocity measurement at multiple locations, significantly streamlining tracking and enhancing flow calculations, making a remarkable difference and enhancing flow measurement accuracy in such conditions by order of magnitude in comparison to competing solutions.


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