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Flood Risk Management

We are a European-based fast-growing company and niche leader in the hydrology radar and sensor industry, serving clients in over 50+ countries worldwide. Flood management deals with many challenges ranging from predicting flood hazards, endangerment encompassing various subsequential events, direct and indirect effects of societal repercussions, to instruments for risk reduction. With the development of tailor-made devices for monitoring floods, Geolux addresses the economic and ecological vulnerability, infrastructure vulnerability, and people as consequences of the flood hazards.


In-House Production and R&D

Our entire production process happens under one roof, making quality control easier to perform. The tasks conducted by each team member can be assessed and calibrated on-spot, especially as the production involves several stages. Moreover, in-house production enables meeting the deadlines and the workflow running smoothly. While other suppliers on the market are integrating crucial third-party components into their products, our powerful internal, in-house R&D team and development of all parts are the main drivers of Geoluxs success. The in-house development includes components for our radars from microwave circuits and antennas, signal processing electronics and communication interfaces, embedded software, configurator applications, and the products' mechanics. With this approach, we can be very flexible and respond immediately to market demands and customer requirements. 


Focusing on the Final User with Non-Contact Radar Technology

By developing instruments that use non-contact radar technology to measure water level and water flow, Geolux focuses on managing floods and the final user. Installation of the instruments installed above the water, usually on the existing overhead structure such as a bridge, is easy, fast, and requires minimal maintenance. Geolux demonstrates its commitment to superior professionalism and upholding industry standards by holding two calibration certificates issued by METAS, the Swiss-based Federal Institute of Metrology.

Plans For the Future

Geolux is constantly growing and increasing their market share in radar hydrology markets thanks to its existing and upcoming innovative products. In 2023, the company is expecting a record growth in market share and revenues thanks to the upcoming projects, an increase in the R&D capacities, and sales and marketing departments, which will focus on industrial water and smart cities applications. Additionally, with planned investments into the specific radar technologies used in precise speed and distance measurements, the company's goal is to become a world leader in precise radar hydrology instrumentation within the next three years.

Ongoing Project: A Radar-Based System for the Real-Time Detection of Avalanches

Geolux has started a new research and development project that aims to develop a radar-based system for the real-time detection of avalanches. The system is developed jointly with CautusGeo from Norway. The system will consist of a radar sensor for avalanche detection in real-time, a ground radar for tracking people and vehicles before the avalanche event, an autonomous power supply suitable for use in off-grid, low-sunlight environments, a communication link appropriate for use in areas with no cellular coverage and central control software. The system will track the movement of people and vehicles in areas with a high risk of avalanches and will be able to detect avalanches in real time. After the avalanche, an alert will be sent to the centralized software, including data on people and vehicle movement before the avalanche. In addition, the ground movement tracks will assist search and rescue efforts by estimating the number of people and vehicles in an affected area and the last positions of people and vehicles just before the avalanche. This project is co-financed by Norway Grants through its Business Development and Innovation Croatian program. The total project cost is 199.000 EUR, and the financing provided by Norway Grants is 118.000 EUR. The project reference number is 2020/56306.

Quality Management System

The management system of Geolux is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 requirements for the implementation of a quality management system.

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