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Long Term L&D

We manufacture our products in-house and are equipped with the best CNC machines, 3D printers, and electronic manufacturing equipment. We train the team from the ground up, making sure the team knows how to use the tools at our disposal to develop products following the company's goals and philosophy. This way provides the company's employees with arguably the most tailored learning experience possible and the long-term involvement in the production and project implementation worldwide. Our employees solve hydrology, flood protection, industrial water applications, and wastewater problems and are involved in climate change monitoring, snow, ice, irrigation, and related fields.

Family-Friendly Policies

Guided by our company values and UNICEF recommendations, we are investing in family-friendly policies which help us improve workforce productivity and our company’s ability to attract, motivate and retain employees. In this context, we grant flexible working hours, have excellent working conditions such as wages and benefits, and encourage positive staff parenting practices.

Nikša Orlić



I appreciate employees' initiative, that they have ideas on how to improve the products they work on or improve customer relations or the sales process. Usually, we expect some mistakes to happen here and there, but that's great because such an employee will learn a lot through mistakes, and we will learn a lot as a company. In addition, being a small firm, employees can realize their professional growth through the firm very quickly - they don't have to struggle with internal hierarchy and "office politics" to thrive.


Tomislav Grubeša



Geolux is always an excellent opportunity for embedded software and hardware engineers who like to work on complex tasks, serving clients worldwide in 50+ countries. A great team atmosphere, flexible working hours, and, in general, a low-stress environment help employees stay creative and do the job they like. Company hierarchy is very shallow, and except for ISO9001 and ISO14001 required documentation and procedures, there is not too much overhead on the work. In addition, we have excellent mentors with 20+ years of experience and some fantastic projects in the backlog that help employees excel their skills to the world-class level required to keep our product on the absolute edge of technology in our niche market.


Silvio Mašunić

Production manager


When I started working for Geolux, I honestly didn’t know what to expect. However, a couple of years later, I can say it was one of the best decisions of my life. Confidence and free hands for independent decisions from day one were additional motivations to give my best every day. Working at Geolux is a road paved with exciting projects and everyday challenges where people can use all their skills to become the best version of themselves as employees.


Please send us an open application here. We will respond within 24 hours!

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