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Geolux LX80 radar level meter in a maritime traffic application

We're thrilled to share that an application note featuring the Geolux LX80 radar level meter in a maritime traffic application has been published by Rijkswaterstaat and Delft University of Technology.

"The effects of passing maritime traffic on inland navigation in the outer harbor and locks of Hansweert." The research utilized Geolux cutting-edge LX80 10Hz radar sensors strategically placed at three different locations in the harbor.

Special thanks to our partner RMA Hydromet for delivering the system used in this research.

We take pride in the quality and reliability of our LX80 sensors, and the collected data from this research has exceeded even our expectations. The phase differences in wave data from sensors at different locations are clearly visible, differences in amplitude and shape of waves showcasing the impact of ships of various sizes. Even the intricate details, such as the superimposition of wind-induced waviness on ship-generated waves during windy days, are clearly observable.

For a deep dive into the research idea, implementation, analytics applied to the collected data, and the insightful results and conclusions, check out the attached document. It has been translated from Dutch to English by the Geolux team.

2024_02_09 Presentatie Rijkswaterstaat-EN-web
Download PPSX • 84.38MB


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