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HydroView Cloud Based Software


Product Highlights

  • Cloud-based solution for real-time hydrological monitoring

  • Real-time data collection from remote hydrological stations

  • Remote configuration of station parameters and instruments parameters

  • Monitoring of the internal system parameters

  • Configurable alarms and warrnings



  • Real time acquisition of hydromet measurements

  • Early flood warning systems

  • Monitoring and controlling irrigation systems

  • Hydrological network management on the state level

  • Climatology application


Product Description

HydroView is a cloud based software used to collect measurement data from remote stations, configure and manage stations and data storage, and various hydrological analitics and climatology statistics. HydroView is easily integrated with Geolux HydroStations and SmartObserver loggers and enables full control of the monitoring system.

Web based GUI interface enables easy access to the data, setup and analytics with any web browser without the requirement of installing specialized application software on your devices. Multiple server and data backup resources keeps your data safe and enables fast access from wherever you are in the world.



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