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SmartObserver Datalogger


Product Highlights

  • Versatile communication interfaces support various sensors

  • Integrated MPPT battery charger

  • Digitally controlled power distribution system for sensors

  • Integrated GSM/GPRS or LoRaWAN or Satellite modem

  • Wide operational temperature range (-40 °C to +85 °C)



  • Automatic hydrometeorological monitoring station

  • Early flood warning systems

  • Hydro power monitoring

  • Irrigation systems

  • Road side monitoring station


Product Description

The Geolux SmartObserver is a datalogger explicitly designed for environmental monitoring applications. It has an integrated MPPT battery charger that can charge various chemical batteries directly from the solar panel or wind generator. The data logger has very low power consumption and three digitally controlled power outputs for powering sensors and other equipment, enabling a more extended battery autonomy even with a smaller battery. Integrated modular communication subsystem enables versatile communication interfaces ranging from the GSM/GPRS modem, LoRaWAN IoT communication, or modern IoT satellite communications. Each logger can be tailored to meet the specific needs of customers and the available infrastructure. Communication with instruments, sensors, and other equipment can be implemented using one of many serial communication interfaces (RS-232, RS-485 Modbus, CAN, SDI-12) or using analog current or voltage inputs. Integration of a power distribution system and MPPT charger enables easier monitoring as each logger will always report solar voltage, charging current, battery voltage, internal temperature, humidity, and many additional system health parameters.

Detailed Specifications

General specifications

Wireless Communication                    2G/3G/4G NB-IoT LoRaWAN

                                                                          optional SWARM satellite optional

Sensor Interfaces                                   2x RS-232, 2x RS-485 (Modbus)
                                                                          2x CAN2.0, 1x SDI-12
                                                                          2x voltage input (0 V to 10 V)
                                                                          1x current input (4 to 20 mA)

Analog Output                                           1x voltage output (0 V to 5 V)

Digital IO                                                       2x GP inputs, 2x GP outputs

System Monitoring                                 Voltage and current measurements

                                                                          for Input, Battery and System

Sensors Power Control                        3x SSR current-limited 2.0 A

                                                                          controlled power outputs


Battery Charger Type           MPPT digitally controlled multi-chemistry high efficiency charger with Buck & Boost mode support

Battery Chemistry                  Li+, LiFePO4, NiCd, NiMH, Lead Acid

Battery Configuration          1S to 4S

Input Power Generator         Solar, Wind, DC mains

Input Voltage                             9 V to 27 V

Input Current Limit                 3.6 A for 65 W

Battery Voltage                        0 V to 19.2 V

Standby Current                      < 1 mA

Operating Current                   < 100 mA

Electrical & Mechanical

Temperature Range                               -40 °C to +85 °C

                                                                          (without heating and coolers)

Enclosure Dimensions                         161 mm x 97 mm x 20 mm

Enclosure Material                                 Machined aluminum, anodized

Mechanical Drawing


EN 301 489-1 V2.2.3:2019; 
EN 301 489-52 V1.1.0:2016
EN IEC 61000-6-2:2019; 
EN 61000-6-3:2007+A1:2011
EN 301 511 V12.5.1:2017
EN 301 908-1 V11.1.1:2016; EN 301 908-13 V11.1.2:2017
EN 62368-1:2014+A11:2007
EN 62311:2008





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