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New Oceanographic radar

The ocean plays a vital role in the global climate system. As a result, human activity is affected by and contributes to changes to the ocean. As global temperatures increase, sea levels are rising, affecting the livelihoods of coastal communities. This is why we at the Geolux company developed a game-changer in ocean observing!

The company's latest achievement in tidal and wave monitoring is the Geolux LX-80-10 10 Hz oceanographic radar sensor. The radar sensor measures the water level with an accuracy of +/- 2mm. In addition, it calculates wave parameters integrated into the sensor while providing an accurate wave analysis with 10 samples per second.

Understanding the state of the ocean requires observations of different variables. Small changes in these variables can significantly impact ocean systems, so characterizing the ocean presents many significant measurement challenges. For example, ocean waves are formed as the wind blows across the ocean's surface, creating small ripples that eventually become waves with increasing time and distance. Since ocean waves are one of the most powerful natural phenomena, they significantly impact the shape of the coastlines. The Geolux oceanographic radar is perfect for tide monitoring and coastal wave intensity analysis. It is applicable on open sea platforms and harbors.


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