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Introducing a Radar Snow Level Sensor

Exciting News!

Geolux introduces its groundbreaking Radar Snow Level Sensor - a game-changer in snow depth measurement.

Unlike traditional ultrasonic snow sensors that grapple with icing, wind, and precipitation issues, our innovative RadarSnow sensor offers a high-precision, low-power solution that sets a new industry standard.

Moreover, it's an environmentally conscious choice, benefiting wildlife like bats, insects, and nocturnal birds that thrive in darkness unlike ultrasonic sensors that are known to affect such wildlife negatively, radar sensors do not affect it in any way.

Our Geolux Radar Snow Sensors LX80-S are already making waves across the globe, boasting several hundred successful installations in South America, North America, Europe, and Asia.

These sensors deliver consistently precise data, regardless of weather conditions, saving our clients substantial maintenance costs.

Beyond its conventional applications in ski resorts, avalanche protection, road maintenance, hydropower, and climatology, we're delighted to share that our radar sensors are now making a significant impact in solar farms.

They're enhancing productivity and drastically reducing maintenance costs for our clients.

Choose Geolux Radar Snow Sensors for a more reliable, eco-friendly, and cost-effective solution in snow depth measurement.

Join us in revolutionizing how we tackle this critical aspect of environmental industries.

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