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Improving water discharge measurement accuracy by the use of multiple radars

As the follow-up on our last news on river Sava overflowing its riverbed and description of the state-of-the-art radar water flow system that handles such conditions with the best precision on the market, here is the video with some more details on the actual system installed a few years ago on river Sava in Zagreb.

The system consists of 2 redundant LX80 radar level meters situated approximately in the middle of the riverbed and 5 surface velocity RSS-2-300W instruments. The 3 of 5 surface velocity instruments are located over the riverbed and work together to precise measure water velocity and velocity distribution during normal water level conditions, most the time of a year, and additional 2 surface velocity radars are located over the surrounding areas between river embankments to measure the speed of the water over this grassy and vegetation covered area. To conserve the battery power those two sensors over the area between embankments are activated only when the water level is higher than the height of the riverbed and in these conditions, all 5 surface velocity sensors are used to determine velocity distribution over the whole river surface. Using the integrated hydraulic model, combining the geometry of the river profile, water level information, and measured surface velocity distribution the mean profile velocity is calculated and together with the surface of the wetted profile it is used to calculate actual water flow. The system is connected to the Geolux SmartObserver data logger that manages the measurements, battery charging, power control of the sensors, communication and system health, and all data are sent to Geolux HydroView cloud-based software that is running the model and calculations. All measurements and calculation data are available 24/7 using any internet-capable device equipped with a web browser and all system configurations, changes in river geometry or other parameters can be easily configured from your office or home when it suits you the best. For further details, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.


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