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Geolux and CautusGeo Receive Norway Grants

Geolux and its partner CautusGeo have received funding from Norway Grants, for the development of a real-time avalanche detection and SAR support system.

Geolux has started a new research and development project that aims to develop a radar-based system for real-time detection of avalanches. The system is developed jointly with CautusGeo from Norway.

The system that will be developed will consist of a radar sensor for avalanche detection in real time, a ground radar for tracking people and vehicles prior to the avalanche event, an autonomous power supply suitable for use in off-grid, low-sunlight environments, a communication link suitable for use in areas with no cellular coverage and a central control software. The system will track the movement of people and vehicles in areas with high risk of avalanches, and will be able to detect avalanches in real time. After the avalanche, avalanche alert will be sent to the centralized software together with data of people and vehicle movement prior to the avalanche. The ground movemement tracks will be used to assist search and rescue efforts, by providing the estimate of the number of people and vehicles in an affected area, and the last positions of people and vehicles just before the avalanche.

This project is co-financed by Norway Grants, through its Business Development and Innovation Croatian programme. The total project cost is 199.000 EUR, and financing provided by Norway Grants is 118.000 EUR. The project reference number is 2020/56306.


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