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Calibrating Performance of Velocity Radars

Being recognized as one of the top companies for environmental monitoring in the hydrology market segment, Geolux has achieved important incremental innovations in the water measurement market, making a measurement of water more reliable for partners and customers.

Croatia, June 16, 2020 – As one of the leading companies for hydrology and meteorology, Geolux has wanted to test the surface velocity radars for calibration in the demanding environment.

Photo: Brodarski insitut

Precise laboratory calibration of the instrument performance at higher measured velocities can only be achieved at a long tow tank. In shorter tanks, due to time consumed by acceleration and deceleration of the towing platform, at higher velocities, it is not possible to maintain stable target velocity long enough.

In Zagreb, Croatia, there is an impressive tow tank operated by Brodarski institut Ltd. which is 270 meters long, with the ability to achieve speeds from 0,08 m/s to 14 m/s. This tow tank is typically used for model testing experiments related to ship construction.

Four instruments were used for the test, mounted at 30° and 45°. The test was run for velocities in the range between 2,0 m/s and 12,0 m/s.

The average relative error of all calibration measurements is 0,90%. The maximal relative error is 2,12%. We are confident that the maximal relative error would be even lower if the tests were run at even longer tow tank, which would allow longer integration times for measurements at velocities above 8 m/s.


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