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HydroStation All-In-One Monitoring


Product highlights

  • Complete integrated solution for hydrology measurements

  • Completely self-sustainable with a battery, a solar panel, and a datalogger with an integrated MPPT battery charger

  • Easy integration of third-party hydromet sensors

  • Robust modular mechanical design with IP68 enclosure

  • Preassembled and easy to install



  • Water level monitoring in rivers, channels and lakes

  • Early flood warning

  • Accurate discharge monitoring in rivers

  • Flow tracking in salt and copper mine channels

  • Water reservoir monitoring and irrigation control


Product Description
The Geolux HydroStation is an automated hydrological monitoring station that integrates several Geolux products for tracking hydrology parameters. HydroStation contains a solar panel, battery, SmartObserver datalogger with integrated communication module, and Geolux radar instruments for measurement of water level and surface velocity. Integration of third party sensors for meteorological measurements, water quantity or air quality and similar instruments is possible and easy to install.

The Geolux HydroView cloud-based software enables continuous real-time monitoring of all measurements, and easily configures the settings of all stations and instruments within working parameters.

Detailed Specifications

Power Supply                                     20 W solar panel

Backup Battery                                 30 Ah lithium-ion IP

Rating                                                    IP68

Operating Temperature                -20 °C to +70 °C

Installed Instruments                    Geolux LX-80

                                                                  radar level sensor                                                                                                      Geolux RSS-2-300W surface                                                                              velocity radar

                                                                  Geolux HydroCam

                                                                  site monitoring camera

Optional Instruments                    Any SDI-12 or

                                                                  Modbus compatible device

Connectivity                                       GPRS 2G/3G/4G NB-IoT

                                                                  Optional LoRaWAN

                                                                  Optional SWARM satellit




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