RGB+NIR Camera for Furnace Inspection

Product Highlights
  • Dual visual (RB) + near infrared image
  • 2 MPix, 30 fps
  • Factory calibrated to readout temperatures (900-1600 °C) from NIR image
  • Small dimensions (φ < 33mm)
  • Air or water cooled enclosure available
  • Automatic retraction system available
  • For continuous inspection of industrial furnaces such as aluminum or glass melt furnaces
  • Advanced video analytics software package available
Product Description
Developed together with Glass Service and ASens, this specialized camera is intended for continuous inspection of industrial high-temperature furnaces. The camera gives 2 MPix image or video stream at 30 fps, both in visual (RGB) and near Infrared spectrum range. The camera is factory calibrated so that the near-infrared image can be precisely translated to temperature values between 900°C and 1600°C. The camera footprint is small so that it fits our customized water or air cooled enclosure. We also provide the complete system consisting of the camera, enclosure and automatic camera retraction system. The camera can be used for continuous inspection of various industrial furnaces, including glass melting furnaces and aluminum furnaces.