HydroView Cloud-based Software Solution

Product Highlights
  • Cloud-based solution for real-time hydrological monitoring
  • Real-time data collection from remote hydrological stations
  • Supports remote re-configuration of datalogger parameters
  • Monitor hydrological data and hydrological status (battery level, solar charging, ...)
  • Supports exporting of raw data
  • Discharge calculation based on Q-H curves or a combination of level measurement and one or more surface velocity measurements
  • Easy hydrological site management, multiple organization units
  • Various alarms and warnings
  • Web-based interface compatible with Windows, MacOS and Linux
  • Mobile friendly

Product Description
HydroView solution is a cloud-based software that is tightly integrated with Geolux SmartObserver datalogger. HydroView receives various measurement data collected by the SmartObserver datalogger, and stores it in an internal database. HydroView provides a user interface that allows users to monitor hydrological data in real time.
HydroView also allows the users to setup and remotely re-configure the operating parameters of a SmartObserver datalogger, and to remotely change the operating parameters of hydrological instruments that are connected to the datalogger.
Integrated in HydroView software is a water discharge calculation module. This software module calculates water discharge based on indirect measurements of water level and surface velocity in one or more points on the river profile. If surface velocity radars are not present on-site, discharge can be calculated using a predefined Q-H curve. Or, if a V-notch is used on-site, the V-notch parameters together with the water level are used for discharge calculation.
If Geolux HydroCam exists on the monitoring site, HydroView also provides automatic image analysis of the camera pictures for following information: automatic staff-gauge reading, detection of ice and detection of accumulated driftwood.