Product Highlights
  • Highly integrated hydrological monitoring station
  • Compact vandal-proof enclosure
  • Adjustable solar panel holder
  • Holders for all instruments included
  • Enables quick on-site installation and deployment
  • Hardened IP68 aluminum enclosure
  • Includes radar-based water level meter and surface velocity radar for water level and discharge measurement
  • Includes Geolux HydroCam camera for visual inspection of monitoring site
  • Lithium battery and solar panel for continuous power supply
  • GPRS-enabled datalogger with MPPT battery charger
  • Designed to work with Geolux HydroView software
Product Description
The Geolux HydroStation is a compact platform that integrates several Geolux products in a single, easy to install, package. It contains everything required to set-up a hydrological station for monitoring water level and discharge. HydroStation contains not only the required instruments, but also a GPRS-enabled datalogger, a backup battery and a solar panel to provide continuous power on remote locations.
The standard version of HydroStation comes equipped with a 20 W solar panel, a 20 Ah lithium battery, a GPRS-enabled SmartObserver datalogger, a Geolux LX-80-15 radar-based water level sensor and a Geolux RSS-2-300 W surface velocity radar. The battery and datalogger are enclosed in a vandal-proof, watertight IP68-rated aluminum enclosure. The solar panel is attached to a adjustable holder which allows easy orientation of the solar panel during station setup.
The HydroStation is equipped with mounting brackets that make installation on an existing structure - such as a bridge - straightforward and easy. There is no need to separately install solar panel, instruments, battery and datalogger on site, and to need to install wiring when doing on-site work. Instead, all the instruments and power lines are already connected. This approach reduces the amount of work required to perform on-site, which is convenient when you need to install multiple hydrological stations in limited time.
We also provide customized HydroStations with different hydrological instruments attached, with different solar panel sizes, and with different battery capacity installed. Contact us with your specific requirements, and we will provide a solution that will fit your needs perfectly.
Case Studies

Rapid deployment on Vrljika river

Water level of Vrljika river started dropping quickly after an earthquake. Less than 24 hours after the event, Geolux technicians have installed remote water level monitoring station on Vrljika.

Irrigation monitoring

Compact HydroStation consisting of water level radar, surface velocity radar, camera, datalogger, solar panel and battery was isntalled to monitor water discharge in a small channel used for field irrigation.

Battery Autonomy Test

Geolux HydroStation, programmed to take water level and surface velocity measurements every 15 minutes, was operating solely on battery power for 30 days. We have monitored battery discharge over time.