Vrljika River Monitoring

Karst river Vrljika in Croatia lost water after an earthquake

Following a 3.2 magnitude earthquake on September 7th, the water level of karst river Vrljika started dropping very quickly. This rare phenomenon has occurred last time in 2004., and, before that, in 1942. Low water levels of Vrljika can be dangerous for several endemic fish species; and the whole Imotski region gets its water supply from Vrljika. Less than 24 hours from the event, Geolux technicians have installed a remote water level monitoring station to monitor water levels of Vrljika in 5 minute time intervals.

Geolux has installed its integrated hydrological monitoring station consisting of radar-based water level sensor, surface velocity radar sensor, datalogger with integrated GPRS modem and battery charger, 10W solar panel and 8Ah backup battery. Using integrated station which relies solely on non-contact instruments has allowed Geolux to setup the station in less than 2 hours, giving extremely short response time to a critical situation. Live data from Vrljika hydrological station can be accessed by clicking on the link below.

Access Live Data