Snow is falling, but it will melt soon… Are you prepared for flooding threat?

Every year rapid snowmelt causes severe flooding, which results in damage to property, damage to infrastructure and loss of live. In order to minimize flooding risk, hydrological engineers analyze river flows and design structures such as dams and channels that help mitigate or completely eliminate flooding threat to a certain geographical area. High-quality river flow data measurements are critical for designing such systems.

Geolux contactless surface flow velocity meters are used worldwide to collect high-quality hydrological data and also to provide real-time flow data for rivers and streams. Utilising advanced radar technology originally developed for military purposes, the measurement of the surface flow velocity and optionally the water level is made from above the water surface. Since there is no need for expensive preparation of the monitoring site, the setup of the flow meter is quick and simple. Contactless measurement technology makes temporary ad-hoc setups possible, by placing the flow meter on existing infrastructure such as bridges.

Optional GPRS connectivity is available, which enables the flow meter to periodically send the water flow data to the monitoring center. This feature allows real-time monitoring of water flow at critical positions, in order to provide early flood warning and flooding forecasting which is critical for saving lives and property.
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