Project Description

FMCW Radar for Target Location Detection

Precise Target Location

Target location, relative speed and approx. object size are reported

PTZ Camera Control

High precision of object location enables the radar to automatically control PTZ camera.

Easy Radar Configuration

The radar runs web-based user interface for setup and monitoring

Accessible & User-friendly

The web-based user interface can be accessed from computer or tablet, to allow quick&simple access to radar operating parameters.

Add-ons and Options Available

GPS, ZigBee, specialised mounting brackets...

The radar can be extended to match your application

We offer several extension modules for the device, and more can be added on your request. Let us know about your application!

More Information

  • Precise target location detection
  • Operates in K-band (24.125 GHz)
  • Human detection range up to 150m
  • Vehicle detection range up to 500m
  • Horizontal radar beam width 30°
  • Low power consumption (max 6 W, typically 5,4 W)
  • 9 to 27 VDC input voltage range
  • Operating temperature range from -20 °C to +70 °C
  • IP66 aluminum casing
  • No moving parts
  • Ethernet, RS-232 and RS-485 communication interface support
  • 2 x open collector, fully configurable alarm outputs


Radar TypeK-band 24.125GHz FMCW radar,
27 dBm EIRP
Beam Angle7° Azimuth
40° Elevation
Detection Distance500 m vehicles
150 m humans
Speed Range0 km/h to 336 km/h
IP RatingIP66


Power Input9 to 27 VDC
Power Consumption< 6,0W (typical 5,4W)
Maximal Current< 750 mA
Temperature Range-20°C to +70°C
(without heating or coolers)
Device Outer Dimensions110mm x 170mm x 50mm


Serial Interface1 x serial RS-485 half-duplex
1 x serial RS-232 (two wire interface)
Baud Rate1200 bps to 115200 bps
Serial ProtocolsASCII-S, GLX-NMEA,
other available on request
Ethernet Interface10/100 Mbps
Alarm Outputs2 x open collector, max 50V 200mA

GPS OptionInternal GPS module provides radar GPS position and precise timing.
ZigBee OptionUsing optional internal ZigBee module, the radar can deliver detected target information wirelessly over a distance of up to 1 km.
Mounting BracketsThe brackets made specially for RSS-3-150CS radar, make radar mounting easy and simple.

Product Description

Geolux RSS-3-150CS is a FMCW radar detector operating in K-band. Very robust design and low-power consumption with the ability to locate and track both static and moving objects make RSS-3-150CS ideal for various outdoor applications. Detected objects are reported over Ethernet interface with speed, distance from the radar, angle to the radar and size estimate for each detected object separately. UDP-based protocol, TCP-based protocol, HTTP REST API and web-based user interface are all available. In addition to the Ethernet communication, serial communication (RS-232 or RS- 485) and additional two configurable open-collector alarm outputs can indicate detected intrusions and system status.

Support for ONVIF protocol enables direct connection with PTZ camera over Ethernet link. The radar can automatically point the PTZ camera towards the detected object.

Radar Configurator Software

RSS-3-150CS radar sensor has integrated web-based utility for configuring radar operation and monitoring detected targets. To use the web-based configuration utility, simply connect the radar to the Ethernet network, and type its IP address to your web browser. The default IP address for RSS-3-150CS radar is Take care that, when conecting the radar to the Ethernet for the first time, your local Ethernet network must be in the same subnet (addresses starting with 192.168.1.x).

Using a web-based user interface provides maximum flexibility, since the users can connect to the radar and configure it from any platform (Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS). Preferred web browsers are Chrome and Safari.

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