Contactless Measurement of Water Flow, Level and Discharge


Real-time, precise measurement of water level, flow velocity and water discharge is critical in many hydrological applications. Geolux offers precise, contactless instruments that measure water level, surface velocity and water discharge.

For contactless measurement of water level, we use field-proven ultrasound sensors that are calibrated and tested to provide stable consistent reading of water level. Surface flow velocity is measured using Doppler radar, which allow measurement of surface flow velocity as low as 0,02 m/s, with resolution of 0,01 m/s. Water discharge is calculated based on these two measurements using a hydrological model.

Geolux offers two instruments: RSS-2-300 “W” is a Doppler radar instrument specifically designed and calibrated for measurement of surface flow velocity. RSS-2-300 “WL” is a combined instrument consisting of both the radar sensor for surface flow velocity measurement, and an ultrasonic sensor for water level measurement.

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Contactless Technology Benefits

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  • Ultra-precise surface flow velocity measurement due to radar technology
  • Stable water level readings from ultrasonic level meter
  • Simple installation above the water surface, no need for special support constructions
  • Simple maintenance since the sensors are not in contact with water, mud, etc.
  • Enables ad-hoc installation for short-period monitoring
  • Reliable and affordable


Water Discharge Measurement in Open Channels

RSS-2-300 WL flow meter provides precise contactless measurement of surface flow velocity and water level, which combined with channel cross-section geometry and hydrological model gives the total water discharge.

Wastewater management

Inlets and outlets from the wastewater management facilities or water flowing between basins during the process can be easily monitored – it doesn’t matter if it is clean water or polluted sewage water.

Precise hydrological measurement and open channel profiling

With RSS-2-300 W and WL sensors it is very easy to monitor your channel of interest in real time 24/7 and 365 days in the year. Almost no maintenance is required. Low power consumption with wide input voltage range makes it perfect for install and forget like operation.

When sensors are mounted on existing infrastructure, there is very small amount of construction work required. Automatic tilt angle compensation which is implemented in the sensor compensates the tolerances present in infrastructure construction.

Dry drain monitoring

In case when dry drain or overflows should be monitored and action taken or alarm activated in case of water or any other liquid detection RSS-2-300W sensor is ideal for the work. Reliable, non-contact, IP68, easy installed and with variety of communication or contact output interfaces will suit in all systems and applications.

Sewerage system monitoring

Small size and IP68 protection makes RSS-2-300 sensors ideal for monitoring application of sewerage systems. Doppler radar based measurements with special digital processing techniques eliminates worry about reflections inside of pipes and measures surface velocity and level precise and reliable