Geolux develops and produces radar sensors for use in traffic, security and hydrology applications.

About Us

From its founding in 2007., Geolux is commited to bringing the best radar-based traffic, security and hydrology products to the market. To achieve this goal, Geolux experts work with top technologies and keep with the latest research in the field.

We have extensive expertise working with and designing microwave transcievers and mixers, microwave patch antennas, integrated microwave transcievers, DSP boards (both CPU and FPGA based!) and developing various signal processing and machine learning algorithms.

Geolux radars are fully designed by Geolux, which allows Geolux to fully customize its radar products according to its customers’ requirements.

All products are manufactured in Croatia, according to EU norms. Geolux uses only established top-quality subcontractors for manufacturing radar components, and the final assembly and QA is done by Geolux technicians.

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