Geolux develops and produces radar sensors for use in traffic, security and hydrology applications.

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What began off as a small company in 2007, committed to bringing the best radar-based security and traffic solutions to the market, has now become more of a top tier source for all sorts of short-range radar-based products. We have been able to materialise our dream by working with latest technologies and keeping up with the latest research in the field. What we believe in is the fact that to be able to grow we have to put the needs of our clients and customers first. That does not only enable us to conform to the standards that they expect, but we also get to have suggestions on product improvement, and to work together with our customers on their exciting projects.

Geolux’s product line includes radar speed sensors, traffic counters, radar intrusion detectors, and hydrology sensors. Geolux has an established customer base in Africa, Asia, North America and Australia. The products operate flawlessly across the globe, from northern Russia to Africa.

Geolux is driven by the ultimate goal to become the global leader in personal and vehicle radar technology in foreseeable future. This obviously involves extensive research, innovation and development to come up with the next big thing in the market. Our methods and research have helped us greatly so far on our road to success as we have always been able to stay ahead of our competition. One such innovative product has been introduced recently into our product line: a radar-based surface flow speed measuring device.

Our products are designed with the simplicity of use and integration in mind. It is important to us that our customers can quickly learn how to install and use our equipment. It is equally important that our equipment can easily be integrated to work in complex systems, such as Intelligent Traffic Systems, perimeter security systems or SCADA systems.

We understand and are a firm supporter of energy conservation, considering this to be the most important factor towards sustainable living. We make sure that all our products use the minimum amount of energy for its operation. For durability and easy installation, all the products are sturdy and manufactured using the strongest materials so that they continue providing you the best performance for many years after the installation, regardless of the type of environment.

We also provide development and design services, and we are ready to work with you and to customise our radar products so that they can perfectly fit your application or product.

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